Our Mission

The Mission of the Housing Opportunities Community Partners (HOCP) is to provide services that strengthen the housing stability and increase the self-sufficiency of low- and moderate-income families and individuals living in Montgomery County’s affordable housing so that:

  • No one has unmet needs that threaten their housing stability;
  • Adults and children have the tools that help them reach their fullest potential; and
  • Households can attain their vision for a more fulfilling quality of life.

* * * * * * *

In 2016 and 2018 Housing Opportunities Community Partners (HOCP) in cooperation with the Housing Opportunities Commission (HOC) conducted our first fundraising galas -- and the outpouring of support was truly inspiring.

We saw how HOCP and this community come together to create opportunities that help low-income families in Montgomery County realize their potential and reach their dreams for a better life. We saw inspiring examples of both generosity and perseverance.

Events like these and taking time to listen to the stories of others inspire those who work hard to create and deliver much-needed programming. Moreover, they showcase the legions of supporters behind the youth and families who persevere as they push forward, toward increasing their self-sufficiency.

In a similar fashion, all of us on the Board of Directors are inspired. We stand ready to do all we can to help low-income families make a better life for themselves and their children. We are inspired to provide effective, well-designed programs that help families overcome their challenges, and that show our donors and partners impactful outcomes -- a great return on their investments.

The Board of Directors developed this strategic plan as a guide for how we will leverage the investments and support of this community in the coming years.

Working closely with HOC, the Strategic Plan sets us on an exciting course of creating new partnerships, leveraging support and implementing innovative programs that help the whole family. Our programming, both current and planned, reflects a two-generation model.

We intend to be laser focused on addressing the needs of both parents and children. The well-being of parents is crucial to children’s success in school. Similarly, parents do better in their pursuit of stronger self-sufficiency when they know their children are doing well. The development of children and the well-being of parents are inextricably linked.

We set this Strategic Plan with the vision that low- and moderate-income families and individuals living in Montgomery County’s affordable housing can and should be able to pursue opportunities that allow them and their children to realize their fullest potential. We are committed to implementing programs that do just that. So, we will support each generation, every family member, to improve their economic status and ultimately break from poverty.

Kenneth B. Tecler
Board Chair