Our programs help to equip low-income children to succeed in school, help homeless families obtain permanent housing, assist low-income working families with purchasing refurbished vehicles, teach unemployed HOC residents the necessary skills for success in the job market, and increase the financial self-sufficiency of low-income motivated families.

Our afterschool Kids’ STEM clubs and summer day camps, bring robotics activities and instruction to hundreds of elementary and middle school aged children. These children, who are at-risk of underperforming in school because of socio-economic factors, demonstrate sincere excitement about STEM subjects in school because of these programs. They show a greater interest in school and ultimately in pursuing STEM in higher education and careers. 

Also, collaborating with the Housing Opportunities Commission (HOC) and thanks to competitive grant funding, Community Partners helped more than 200 low-income working families purchase refurbished vehicles propelling them to greater self-sufficiency. Community Partners has helped 400 homeless families obtain stable, permanent housing. We have provided job search, life and soft skills training services to hundreds of adults helping many of them to secure employment. Furthermore, we have empowered 30 low-income families to open an individual development account matching their savings so they can purchase a home, pursue education and/or start a small business.

Kids’ STEM After-School Program

The Kids’ STEM Program provides after-school robotics training sessions at various subsidized housing sites for low-income families. Trained robotics instructors teach at-risk, STEM-deprived, students the basics of coding, engineering, and computer programming, using evidence-based curriculum such as the Lego Education and others. Participants create First Lego League Expo quality presentations and prepare for informal competitions.

STEM Summer Day Camps

Each year Community Partners, Inc. in collaboration with HOC, coordinates summer day camps that bring STEM activities in robotics and scientific research to low-income youth. At HOC subsidized housing communities, the Kids’ STEM Summer Program offer robotics to students from grades 1-8. The program runs four hours a day, five days a week for two weeks. Teachers with specialties in STEM conduct hands-on activities following the LEGO® robotics curricula. Participants work in pairs with their own robotics kit. At the end of the camp, the kids show off their robotic creations in a friendly competition.

Also, low-income middle school youth are inspired to be STEM researchers. In partnership with Learning Undefeated, Community Partners and HOC conduct a 30-hour summer day camp for rising seventh and eighth graders, with a focus on underserved students (defined as minority, female, low- income, and first in their family to go to college). This specialized day camp engages students in authentic research experiences and tours of Maryland STEM research organizations to promote positive attitudes and confidence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Each day after touring these fascinating laboratories, the youth conduct their own age-appropriate laboratory activities that align with local, state, and national curriculum standards. These activities include common bioscience techniques such as DNA extraction and agarose gel electrophoresis, and relevant themes such as alternative fuels, bioengineering, and crime scene investigation.

Housing Counseling Plus Program which provides assistance to homeless families with meeting their move in costs, thereby obtaining stable permanent housing and to formerly chronic homeless individuals with maintaining their housing during the first 12-24 months of housing stabilization.

In the Emergency Savings Plus Program HOC customers receive three (3) financial education classes, two (2) one-hour long one-on-one credit counseling and financial coaching sessions, access to a bank account at a financial institution, and match savings deposits up to $400 at a 4:1 match for a total potential savings of $500 per HOC client.

Program participants have up to ten (10) months to achieve the savings goal of $100 ($10 per month). At the end of the program, their savings are matched at a rate of 4:1 up to $400 in matched funds.

The Driving Toward Success program helps low-income working families obtain reconditioned used vehicles at a nominal cost, which, greatly expands their employment and educational options.

The Saving for a Better Tomorrow IDA program, a financial literacy and assets building program that equips low-income households to pursue homeownership opportunities, to create small businesses and to increase their post-secondary education.